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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bone Garden Cantina - Diablo's Favorite Joint

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those whom are scared of El Diablo

Bone Garden Cantina won our "Best Quesadilla in Atlanta" competition earlier this year.  But Bone Garden is so much more than just a joint with a great quesadilla.  These guys make some great and original food with some true "kick ass" decor.  And it's not easy to find.  They could say the same of El Diablo.

Mexican with some "Underworld" Tones?  Yes please
Their artwork is dedicated to Mexico's "Day of the Dead."  This day commemorates the Mexicans paying tribute to their deceased with some pretty morbid, albeit, pretty cool symbolism.  It dates back to the Aztecs.  Yep, my Cliff Clavin moment of this blog.

They have some cool are both painted and hanging all over the restaurant.

Queue up the "Steppenwolf!"  Anyone under 35, don't worry about this
They have my favorite cheese dip as well.  It's got a bite and some texture to it as well, particularly if you add the chorizo to it.  The Guacamole is also outstanding and the salsa is good (not great).

They shockingly call this app "The Three Amigos"
Their taco's give Taqueria Del Sol a run for their money.  I'm partial to the Carne Adobo and the Al Pastor, which is pork cooked with pineapple (trust me, try this one).

The quesadilla has already been discussed.  Case closed.  If it's your first time order the Adobo as part of your meal.

The Adobo Steak Quesadilla is the best around
The tamales are also great.  Try the Rajas Con Queso, it's Corn masa filled with queso, panela, peppers, onions and salsa pasilla. Steamed in a corn husk and served with salsa verde.

If ordering the Holy Chirizo Empanada is wrong (and not healthy), I don't want to be right.  It's stuffed with with chorizo, Monterey Jack cheese and scallions. And it's served with guajillo peanut sauce.  If you have a peanut or gluten allergy, this is NOT the dish for you.  That's my PSA for the blog today.

If you don't want spice, try the Camarones (shrimp for you gringo's) Enchilada.  VERY tasty and not overpowering at all.  In fact there's a hint of sweetness in here.

One of the great things I like is that they serve these all "a la carte" so you can mix and match what looks good to you.  I tend to always over order off of a la carte menu's.  But that's a personal issue.

Bone Garden is one of the best dining experiences you can find in the ATL.  They have everything but this Motley Crue video streaming 24/7.

Oh, and check out their lethal drink selection.  You may see your maker by the time you leave here!

Today's Footnote:  This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A non-profit I currently run has raised thousands of dollars over the last few years for the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition.  They do great work and they need your help.