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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Marcel: Ford Frys Best Yet

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who think Applebee's' makes a "bitchin'" steak.  In fact, never visit this site again.  Thank you and that mullet does look classy.

Marcel just recently opened and I have already been twice.  That in itself should tell you all you need to know. We went prior to the Bourdain Show at the Fox, which was magnificent.  Second time I've met him in the last year and he's been great both times (humble brag)

And our friends that joined us may or may not have been over served..............I'll let you decide........

This place my now be the best in Atlanta.  I'm serious, it's legitimate.  The details put into this place left me astounded both times.

the fights not over, but Marcel is winning on points right now

The Oysters Bienville are tres bien.  Maybe my favorite cooked oysters outside of Drago's in New Orleans.

The Shrimp Scampi sauce is to die for.  They are not just healthy shrimp, but we kept the dish for dipping bread into the sauce.  It's embarrassingly tasty.

They have the standard sides and they are all great, but the uniqueness of the Spinach Gnudi is almost a meal upon itself.

This is the Scottie Pippen of sides.  Great by itself, but with the entree, it completes the best meal in Atlanta.

But the MVP of the night is the Dry Aged 22 oz, Cote de Boeuf.  The best cut of meat I have had in Atlanta (apologies to my friend Hal).  And please get it with the Sauce Diane.  That is the Dennis Rodman that completes the meal (with all due respect to Horace Grant).

The aesthetics are great too.  Very tastefully done and no detail is to small.

The booth's hearken back to a "Mad Men" flavor that lends itself to the wonderful experience.

The ONLY drawback is you will be STUFFED when you leave here.  But damn it's worth it.

Today's Sidebar:  This place is named after a tradition of French fighters?  Is there such a thing?  Does WWII mean anything?  Europeans, or descendants of, have a tradition of great boxers.  Max Schmelling, Rocky Marciano, Vladimir Klitschko (yes he counts) and of course Rocky Balboa!

I am irrationally excited for Creed that comes out this Thanksgiving with Vince from Friday Night Lights!