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Friday, October 5, 2012

Enat Ethiopia Cafe

Warning:  The following material may be inappropriate for children under 13 and people that haven't smoked a Hookah Pipe
So you walk into a bar that’s so dark you can’t see 5 feet in front of you and the only clientele are Ethiopian Cab Drivers smoking Hookah like the worlds ending tomorrow.  What would you do?
Naturally we go into the back and enjoy an unbelievable meal even though appearances tell me we just walked into an Episode of Miami Vice circa 1986.  Only without Calderon (if you are under 35, my apologies).  If you've never seen Miami Vice, I don't know who you are.
We started out with “Kik Alicha” that I can only describe as stuffing without the breading that makes you want to immediately loosen your belt.
Then came the main dish.  I’m not a big cabbage guy, but this was the best, melt in your damn mouth cabbage I had ever had in my life.  The chicken dish was called “Doro Wott,” which was similar to Tandori Chicken but with eggs (you have to see it to believe it).

The beef dishes “Kitfo,” gournd steak with herb butter sauce and something called mitmita was delicious and packed a punch.  The “Lega Tibs” was delicious as well.
If you haven’t had Ethiopian cuisine, I HIGHLY recommend Enat.
And the company was great.  We celebrated our friends Leslie’s and Beth’s Birthdays.  Both just turned 30- ish.  Along with our friend Jeff, we are becoming the Dry Rub Quartet.  Though our frequenting of Cheshire Bridge establishments, that could be slightly inappropriate.  But who cares!

Bonus Coverage:  Today I had lunch at Nan, the best Thai in Atlanta.  The app tree is incredible and the Sea Bass or whole Red Snapper are must haves.  But today, we had the Green Tea Crème Brule.  The taste explosion and presentation were outstanding. 

Thanks for enjoying The Rub and sorry for the hiatus.  I have some good ones in the pipeline!

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  1. Agreed, I am a big fan of cabbage and it might have been the best I've ever had