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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge

Warning:  The following may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 or people who are offended by veal as an entrée
Alfredo’s is another Atlanta Culinary institution that for some reason, I have never been too.  So the “Dry Rub 4,” made this our destination this week!
The purpose of this blog is not just to find the new cutting edge “hip” restaurants, but to rediscover some of the gems that have been local cornerstones for multiple generations. 
It is suprsingly an Italian Restaurant owned and run by Cubans.  And I have to say it’s the best Italian Cuban collaboration since Al Pacino starred as Tony Montana.
 "Say hello to my Veal Padrino!"
The only thing that was older than the restaurant was the Wait Staff.  But they were knowledgeable and very personable.  Though our waiter Oscar could have been the Cuban Wayne Newton.

Their “signature” dish is Veal Padrino.  It’s Veal  Medallions prepared as Francese, Marsala and Parmigian and it’s just downright delicious.   I am partial to the Francese with a glass of Syrah.  Thanks to Jeff for bringing the great Falcone wine as usual.
We started out with the Fresh Roast Peppers, Anchovies in Olive Oil and the Fried Mozzarella all Marinara.  The Anchovies were fresh and delicious, almost like they just came out of the Mediterranean in Cinque Terre (quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been).

For Salads, we had the Caesar and Caprese.  Both solid, but not spectacular.   The other main dishes we split were the Penne Salmon, which was in a cream sauce with generous pieces of salmon. Very, very good. 
But my favorite dish was the Scallops Al Pesto.  Large Scallops cooked in a cream sauce, with basil, pine nuts, butter and garlic, served over angel hair pasta. The pine nuts were the surprise ingredient and were a great touch. 
The desserts we had, a Cannoli and Tiramisu were good, but not outstanding.  Will I be back?  Definitely.  It was really good and priced reasonably and it's tough to get good Anchioves in this town!

As an Atlanta institution, it’s been open for 35 years.  And just like the Colonnade, there hasn’t been a lot of aesthetic improvements made over that period of time (which is part of the charm).  And also like the Colonnade, we were by far the youngest bunch in the place.  And to maneuver in the bathroom, you either have to be a midget or a contortionist.  Preferably both.  I also found out you should never google image “midget bathroom” either.  Please just trust me on this one.

A quick note on the "special."  Leslie told me on our way in, the special will be Sea Bass.  So when we got the rundown, guess what the special was?  Sea Bass.  Leslie said that's ALWAYS their special.  A little suspect, right?
So the “Dry Rub 4” is going to move on from Cheshire Bridge and move onto a new Indian Restaurant on the “Westside” called Cardamom Hill.  There will hopefully be a Fox Bros post in between as well.  And I still want to do my "best burgers" blog.  Fortunatley, some research still needs to be done.

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