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Friday, May 10, 2013

Gunshow: Kevin Gillespie's Masterpiece

Warning:  The following is not appropriate for children under the age of 13 or persons who don't understand the artistry of one Frank Stallone

Leading up to the much anticipated opening, the main question posed about Former Top Chef Contestant Kevin Gillespie's new restaurant is "What is Gunshow?"  Gunshow is one of the best meals I have ever had.  Period.

The truth is Gunshow can't be labeled, it's about how you experience Gunshow.  It's about comfort and atmosphere.  It's about opening up your expectations to a new concept.  So take any preconception of a restaurant and throw it out the window.

Kevin says Gunshow is inspired by “Brazilian churrascaria-style dining and Chinese dim sum.” I truly couldn't be any more confused by that statement prior to our meal. That could also describe one Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.
One of my favorite aspects was that they did bring out the food "dim sum" style, but the chef's (including Kevin) came out and walked us through the dishes.  And the "food runners" were knowledgeable and extremely attentive as well.

The Kitchen and dining room are almost one.  You can look and see Kevin and his artists at work in a completely transparent process.  The only part of the process you cannot witness in plain view is the dishwasher, and I'm okay with that.  The lighting is bright throughout the dinning/ room kitchen to punctuate just how transparent the experience is.

My favorite dishes?   The Beef Short Ribs and the Hot and Numbing Trout.
The Braised Short Ribs, with lemon spaetzle, stroganoff spice and mushrooms are on the left.  They were incredible.  On the right is the softly cooked trout with brown butter.  It was a good trout dish, but truth be told, it was overshadowed by the "Hot and Numbing Trout."

Admittedly, we tried EVERYTHING on the menu.  The other highlights were the Pork Skin Risotto, which was the freshest risotto that I have ever had.  Shocking, I really enjoyed the Bacon, Eggs and Toast, Veggie Style.  Absolutely delicious and it wasn't even real bacon.  The lamb was very tasty and was cooked to perfection, which to me is mid-rare.  Hell I even really enjoyed the rabbit.

True to their word it really was served like Dim Sum, except without Chinese Food and the broken English. You get a menu and as they deliver your food, your menu gets checked off.  Ours looked like my 5 year olds art project at the end we ordered so much.

I thought the meal was just about perfect, then came desert.
The Old Fashion Banana Pudding was Kevin's Great Grandmothers recipe and it was great.  Those who know me well know  I LOVE Banana Pudding and this may be the best I've ever had.  But then we had the Andrea's Made Something out of Chocolate, which was sweet and salty and magical.  It was the equal, if not better then the Banana Pudding.  The Goat Cheese Cheesecake thing, ah, it was okay, but didn't stand a chance against these other guys.

Also, as of Publishing, they had a very limited Wine and Beer list.  Right across the street they have a wonderful, locally owned Wine Shop called 3 Parks. Sarah the co-owner is was very knowledgeable and friendly, so grab a bottle (or 3 ) and bring it with you!  They did not charge cork fee's (again, as of publishing date).

Overall this was about the perfect "Foodie" experience.  Is it for everyone?  Not quite.  Those who want the "traditional" meal with a salad main course for themselves will probably not enjoy the community/ sharing aspect of Gunshow.  Though you can do that, but the experience wouldn't be the same.  Those who are into trying new things and sharing food, this is your beginning and end.  Seriously, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I really enjoyed Rathbun's KR Steakbar, but I believe Gunshow was the answer to the question Kevin Rathbun wanted to answer with his latest venture.  The only complaint I had was the bathroom was what we call a "one hitter."  Even though the dining room isn't that big, there could be more than one toilet.

Congratulations Kevin Gillespie, you have created something unique, fun and most of all delicious.  I can't wait to make it back.

Today's Footnote:  People will claim that Gunshow is the sibling of Woodfire Grill since that was Kevin Gillespie's former restaurant.  While I like Woodfire, they are not remotely sibling restaurants.  Well, maybe siblings in the sense of Sly and Frank Stallone or Jose and Ozzie Canseco.

What siblings are the most mismatched?
Clint and Ron Howard?  Clint may have had one of the strangest careers in hollywood.
Clint made a career out of playing freaks, while Ron got all the glory.  Sound familiar?  Check out the next pair of siblings.
No, this isn't an outtake of Miami Vice, it's the Canseco Brothers.  Poor Ozzie.  But if you think Ozzie got the short end of the stick, check out the next pair of twins.
I had no idea Gisele had a twin!  How horrible was her high school existence?  Patricia got the Danny Devito genes (maybe not quite, but you get my drift).
Then there is the greatest sibling of all.  Franky Baby!
Frank is a true renaissance man.  Whom else has benn nominated for both the Grammy's and Golden Globes.  Yea, you had no idea, right?
Great Musician:
Introspective Thinker:
He's a true throwback, a man's man.

Give yourself a treat, go check out Gunshow.


  1. Nicely done, I've been meaning to stop by and commend you for the great work here. Your visit to Gunshow was just the motivation I needed. Braised short ribs? Pork skin risotto? Hot & numbing trout? I'm there like Ric Flair, this place is right up my alley. I'll try to swing by at the end of the month when we're in town. In the meantime, keep 'me coming!

  2. Thanks Herr Vanderlankin. Hit me up when you are in town.