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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those adverse to eating in converted gas stations

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Grindhouse is one of my favorite "go to" destinations.  Somehow I have been remiss in giving them a review.  I did an extensive review on their new Villains Wicked Heroes sandwiches before them!

Grindhouse also made The Dry Rubs Final Four "Best Burger in Atlanta" contest!  They beat out The Vortex for that distinction, which I took a lot of flack for. People said the the established Vortex deserved it more since they have become an Atlanta Institution.  I call bullsh*t, Grindhouse is just a better product.

I view them more in the way of how people felt The Rolling Stones were just a Beatles knock off.  I think they may have outgrown that shadow.  And somehow Keith Richards lives to tell about it.
Son, long after you and I are no longer of this world, this guy will still be around doing drugs and womanizing.  God bless him.

Or that the Stone Temple Pilots were basically a Pearl Jam cover band.  Have these people heard Interstate Love Song?
These guys did enough drugs and sold enough albums to have total street cred.  But better than Pearl Jam?  Nope, but they stand on their own.

They also said the Foo Fighters were purely riding the coattails of Nirvana, which initially may have been true, but the Foo's have long since emerged from Nirvana to become the ambassadors to Rock n' Roll.
Who knew the young and hyper drummer was a genius in his own right?
The Foo's can cover the hell out of some tunes as well.

Now that I have gotten way off track, let's get back to Grindhouse.  The beauty and genius of Grindhouse is that it can be everything to everybody.  My children LOVE it.  I have had business lunches here.  Hell I've had drinking lunches here and it works for all.  Not too many places can say that.

I would highly recommend you start out with the Cheesy Poofs, fried pimento cheese nuggets with an asian dipping sauce.  Not exactly gluten free, but worth the damage.

Poofs that are cheesy
Their burgers come in many different styles.  I am partial to these:

YANKEE STYLE with bleu cheese, thick cut bacon, grilled onions and lettuce.  This is my standby.  Is there anything more american than adding meat to meat?  I think not John Cougar Mellencamp.  Now go back to smoking your Marlboro's and drinking your Budweiser.  Carry on America.

APACHE STYLE with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, new mexico green chiles and lettuce.  When I really want to punish myself, this is what I go with.  I better not have to work after this or be around humans in general.  Trust me on this one.  But man, the flavors are insane.
Tonto has nothing on this Apache
And if you really hate yourself?  Like in a Miley Cyrus type of insane self loathing?  Get the Crinkle Cut Fries with the bacon and blue cheese sauce.
This Cyrus family is starting to make the Jackson's and Kardashian's appear functional.
And for the encore?  Grindhouse has handspun milkshakes that aren't loaded for the kids and are delicious.  Then they offer "Boozy Milkshakes" that can make for an interesting time.

Here is a listing of their Boozy Milkshake offerings:

EL DUDERINO- coffee shake, kahlua, pinnacle whipped cream vodka

STIMULUS PACKAGE- oreo shake, whynatte (coffee+energy), peppermint liquer (100 proof) (I would call this the pregame drink)

PUDDIN’ OUT- vanilla shake, banana liquer, pinnacle cake vodka, ‘nilla wafers

BOOTY SHAKE- peach shake, peach liquer, jack daniels tennessee honey

BERRY SPRINGER- strawberry shake, raspberry liquer, pinnacle berry vodka

MONKEY WRENCH- peanut butter chocolate malt, banana liquer, pinnacle chocolate vodka (my personal favorite)

They also offer many beers from Pabst to Sweetwater to Sapporo.  It's truly a one size fits all establishment.

The bottom line is that you will not find a more fun place to clog your arteries than Grindhouse.  Great atmosphere, great food, great bar and great shakes.  

Today's Footnote:

It may be a while to the next entry.  I have a boys trip coming up that will be documented since I will be in Wisconsin most of the time.  Brats and Beers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then the DR4 is going to Rumi's Kitchen, which I am looking forward too.

Hopefully before that I can sneak in a Gu's and/ or Chai Pani comprehensive meal.  Both have been elusive.

I am also toying with a best Taco in Atlanta tournament.  Please let me know your thoughts.  

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