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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fiorella's Jack Stack: Kansas City Magic

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and NY Yankee Fans

Zagat's and the Huffington Post both recognize Jack Stack as one of the Nations BEST BBQ venues.

So on my inaugural visit to KC for business what do I do?  I go to Jack Stack for an ungodly amount of meat.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Also, I have never had "upscale" barbecue before either.  And Jack Stack pulls it off in spades.

And I can now unequivocally state I know why Andy Reid moved here.  And it ain't the weather.

Hands down the best Halloween Costume in 2013
There is a tradition that you rub the bull for luck before you dine.  Who am I to break tradition?

Thanks Patty for the great recommendation!
Growing up, I was an Orioles fan, but I had admired George Brett and his KC Royals.  Brett was the consummate competitor.  Kansas City is also happens to be the home of "Greatest Two Moments in Baseball Bat History."

This just goes to show that MLB will always rule in favor of the Yankees.  This was an atrocity that highlights MLB's years of stacking the deck for the Evil Empire (that's the NY Yankees for the baseball challenged).  Does the name Jeffrey Maher mean anything to you?  The Yankees encompass everything that is wrong with sports.  For example, just as they were fading, this year they actually let A-Roid suit up and play?  The next thing you know, we'll find out Andy Petite was on steroids and it will have been acceptable.  Oh wait...........

So let's go to the beginning.  We had the Onion Rings, which were "lightly breaded" to perfection.  Many places tend to over bread their O Rings.  These were perfect.

Stacked to Perfection
We also split the "Burnt Ends."  Searing meat is an underused method.  I loved seared fish, but rarely get my meat seared.  And these bite size chunks are one of Jack Stack's specialties.

Seared Perfection
For the entree, I went with two types of ribs, baby back (these were great as expected) and the lamb ribs.  I was shocked by how much I loved the lamb.  I am famous for going off the reservation and regretting it, but I LOVED these.  When you think of rack of lamb, we tend to think of a Mediterranean preparation.  These are prepared in the classic BBQ style, but if you like lamb, give these a shot!  They do a great job of pulling this off.

The MVP of my meal!
And of course any self respecting BBQ establishment need a signature side.  Jack Stack has the Cheesy Corn Bake.  I would tell you what's in it, but cardiologists may get together to ban this from our lives.  I for one am not willing to take this chance.

Take an extra Lipitor with this one, but it's worth it.  I may not be a doctor, but I sell commercials during TV shows with doctors
But unlike many BBQ joints, Jack has an outstanding dessert.  Their Mom's Carrot Cake.  It's served warm with cream cheese frosting.  This was a big and welcome surprise.

If you don't have room after the meal, make it.  This is ridiculous.
So the next time I go, I'll check out Oklahoma Joe's or Gates which I've heard are just as good.  But for "upscale" BBQ, Jack Stack is your joint.  Believe the hype.

Today's Footnote:  The Greatest Athlete Ever

Without question Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete I have ever seen.  Period.  This guy could not just do everything, he excelled at everything.  I've never seen a better raw defensive Outfielder and I've never scene a guy his size out run defensive backs.  If you haven't seen ESPN's 30 for 30 on him, check it out.

Here's a reel of Bo Jackson Highlights:

Footnote #2:  Kansas City's own Dan Quisenberry was a highly underrated relief pitcher.

When I was a child, the best relief pitchers were Goose Gossage, Dennis Eckersley, Rollie Fingers and KC's own Dan Quisenberry.  What did they all have in common?  Great mustaches of course!  The 70's and 80's ushered in an incredible era of mustaches.  I'm glad to see Andy Reid keeping up the tradition for KC.

The Quiz lead the AL in saves five times and retired as #6 in saves.  He also finished second in the Cy Young Voting twice as well as 3rd in Cy Young voting twice as well.

Quisenberry was the premiere submarine pitcher in the league and quite a character in his own right.

He was once quoted as saying:  "I've seen the future and it's much like the present, only longer."  Unfortunately he passed way too young in 1998.

Ladies and Gents, "The Quiz"

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  1.  You know last night I went in ‘Jack Stack’, an event space Kansas City. And I found the most surprising to me and one of my favorite dishes ‘Carrot Cake’ with creamy cheese. I really enjoyed this unique item there.