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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Greater Good BBQ: Random Goodness

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who find the Redskins team name offensive

Who doesn't support the greater good?
The Greater Good BBQ

I've been passing this sign for months thinking this one thought, "Why the hell would they put another restaurant in this horrible location right next to Fellini's and LaFonda?  This is one of the worst parking situations in Atlanta, right?  What is wrong with you people?"

Why would they?  Because they have a great product, that's why.  And I hope the word of mouth gets out like it did to us at the Dry Rub.  My friend Bill called me and said he found an outstanding BBQ joint we have to try in Buckhead.  Wait Bill, did you say Buckhead?  I thought we were going all upscale, Streets of Buckhead, Farm to Table........blah blah blah.

This is the same Bill who is invited to compete in regional BBQ contests.  So if Bill says it's good, that's all I need.  It's like Dave Grohl suggesting a band like Queens of the Stone Age, you know it's the true deal.

These guys know a little bit about good music..and awkward photos
Bill was partial to their pork, though I thought today that their chopped brisket was delicious.  They have a great array of sauces as well.  I was partial to the Carolina vinaigrette for the pork and their house sauce for the brisket.   Our other dining companion, Matt was partial to the sweet sauce.  But Matt has 2 week old twins, so he's in a constant state of delirium at this point.  He may or may not have almost fallen asleep at lunch.  I speak from experience.....

A good chopped brisket retains the fat juices
Another great mark of a good BBQ joint?  The sides of course.  The Mac n' Cheese with a side of angioplasty was outstanding.  The brisket chili was pretty damn good too.  Their baked beans were the perfect compliment to the meat as well.  It's not quite Fox Bros sides, but who is?

To be more specific about the location, The Great Good BBQ went into the old Wolf Camera store.  For those under the age of 30, there used to be free standing camera stores that developed something called film.  These camera lenses would burn an image on this "film" and you or a film store would dip the film into chemicals to create what you still know as a photo.  The film store has gone the way of Record Stores and Horse Carriages.

A brief overview for the youngsters out there:

This plus
Plus this
Plus this
is now replaced by this:

Oh and this device does everything else for you now too.  I fully blame the loss of my memory and my internal clock on the advent of the Iphone.  It has nothing to with age of 3 children of course.

Thanks for allowing my old man moment.  Kids today just don't understand how rough we had it in the 80's.  We did have Miami Vice though.

It may not look like it, but these guys were tough
Today's Footnote:

Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite little girl in the world.  Isabelle, you are growing up too fast.

This seems like just yesterday

Belle, may you keep playing in the rain as long as you can

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