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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Smokebelly in Buckhead: Really?

Warning:  The following may inappropriate to children under 13 and those who enjoy their ribs smoked

Smokebelly has a lot going for it.  Perfect location, the proprietors of two very quality spots in The Big Ketch and Tin Lizzy's and the venue is aesthetically perfect.  Tavern 99, the previous tenant had a great venue and Smokebelly improved on it.

So when I had an extremely mediocre meal I was left both hurt and confused (okay, maybe just more confused).  This place should have the pedigree to do well right?

Our great server (and he really did a good job) recommended the Disco Q Fries as a great appetizer.  When it came out, we were all disappointed.  Maybe The Tominator and  The Lopez at Fox Bros set the bar so high that a great BBQ app is now out of reach, but this couldn't even touch their ankles.

Ours didn't look this good
We then tried the Ribs (no smoky taste), Brisket (dry), Pulled Pork (ok) and the Sausage (this was really good).

Their array of sauces was extensive and they had something for everyone.  I preferred the savory, but the Carolina Gold was good as well.

Could it have just been a bad day?  Highly unlikely. The meats were just not cooked well.  And if I were to guess, the ribs were partially cooked in water.

If you are in Buckhead, I would hit the Greater Good on Roswell Road.  And if geography is not an issue, Fox Bros and Community Q are the other great choices.  And if you want unique, give a Heirloom and their brisket with Korean BBQ sauce a try.

BBQ is a hard genre to be consistent with.  I just don't think they have a handle on this yet.  Hopefully they get there.  Everything else is in place to make this successful.  If I hear that they turn it around, I will be there.

This got me thinking.  Who are the all time "They aren't what we think they are" All Stars?

Obviously, Milli Vanilli.

Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Wasn't she going to be the biggest star at one time?  Still scratching my head.

In Sports it has to be Bosworth, right?

Though this guy is knocking on Bosworth's door (yes, let the hate mail begin!)

Though the All Time "He is not who we thought he was" has to be The Juice, right?  How do you go from America's Pitchman to America's enemy?  Well, I guess you start by killing your wife and her boyfriend and getting away with it.  Ladies and Gents, your greatest fraud of our generation.

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