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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dim Sum at the Canton House

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for Children under the age of 13 and those who don’t appreciate the genius of Bruce Lee

The Perfect Fall Sunday:  Get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, get the kids up for a very light breakfast.  Then head to the Canton House on Buford at 10a and return home for the 1p NFL Kickoff.  Then of course a Redskins win.
Bruce Lee was the Hands Down Greatest Badass of All Time.  The dude was Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones combined, but faster and bolder. 

These are some great fight scenes, you just have to get over the fact Chuck Norris has some serious shoulder hair.

The brilliance of Dim Sum is everyone wins.  There is no menu to bellyache over.  There are dozens of small dishes to choose from. 
You can eat the second you sit down since the carts are rolling around you like sharks stalking Roy Scheider in Jaws.  Except this time YOU eat the Sharks!  
Har Gow is one of my Dim Sum staples, it’s a steamed shrimp dumpling, topped with Soy Sauce and some hot peppers, its magic in rice paper.  Another great variation is the Shark Dumplings, which if you like the Har Gow, you must try.

Shaomai is another dumpling with pork AND shrimp usually topped with a mushroom, in this case three is not a crowd.  Meat lovers have to try the steamed meatballs.  It’s a unique twist to any beef ball (insert your own joke here) you have ever tried and it has a sweet after taste.  Sticky Rice is wrapped in a lotus leaf where it is steamed and boiled.  There is usually some delicious beef and Chinese cured pork inside as well.  But the true genius is the rice, which truly “sticks” and gives the dish some true texture.
My boy Blake LOVES to house down some Dim Sum

The Char Siu Baau is Cantonese BBQ Pork in a fluffy steamed bun.  Yum Buns is supposed to Master these when they open this spring on the Westside.  I can’t wait.  Rice Noodles with Shrimp is a must have.  And I LOVE the Raddish cakes made with pork and shrimp and then pan fried for a both unique and delicious combination.
The brilliance of Dim Sum is the fluidity of the meal.  Hungry?  Attack the carts.  Want to spend some time with friends over a leisurely brunch?  Take your time and spread your meal out over two hours.  Regardless of your intentions, go have an adventure on Buford Highway and experience a great, fun and HEALTHY Meal.
As I am writing this, I just heard the Lance Armstrongs team had untraceable “burner” phones to keep their doping and drug use under wraps?  
Did these guys get this idea from the Barksdale Crew on “The Wire?”  The GREATEST show ever on television?  If you don’t believe me as my friend Moe!  So if you don’t get anything out of this blog, please go and watch “The Wire.”  You’re welcome, again.

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  1. just remember to eat more sticky rice or you will be hungry soon after!