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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scotch, It's What's for Dinner

Warning:  The following is definitely inappropriate for children under the age 13 and those who don’t drink, or those who actually do drink for dinner

With a “nip” in the air, there is nothing better than a little scotch to warm you up.  A good scotch will beat a sweater to keep you warm on any cold day.

And if you drink enough Scotch and you feel like you can do anything….
Including being able to play the “Jazz Flute”

Scotch falls into two categories:  Single Malt and Blended Malt.  I have always been a single malt guy.

So a couple of weeks ago I did a Johnnie Walker Scotch tasting at The Buckhead Club.  It was great time, but it reminded me that I’m much more a single malt guy.  In fact Johnnie Walker Red is the basic equivalent of Whale piss. 

The one exception is Johnnie Walker Blue.  If there was ever a perfect drink, this is it. Period.
It’s a secret blend of grain whiskeys and single malts aged between 40-60 years.  Basically the approximate age of the 2013 Yankees.
This just in from Buster Olney:  The Yankees just signed Goose Gossage to set up for 42 year old Mo Rivera.

Now I’m not going to give you a list of the “Top Ten,” since unfortunately (or fortunately for my liver), I haven’t tried every scotch there is. 

I am very partial to the Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish.  It’s very smooth, has a tinge of sweetness to it with a touch of spice on the aftertaste.    It’s not to be confused with the Sherry Finish, which is a little too sweet for me.  Most importantly, the GPWF is surprisingly affordable as well.  (Just a side note:  My birthday is coming up…..)

The basics I always have on hand.  The Glenlevit 12 and the Glenfiddich 12 are always in the bar.  The Balvenie Double Wood 12 is a good one that is affordable as well that I currently have.  I still have a great Glendfiddich 18 I got at the airport for $45 a couple of years ago!  The Dalmore makes a fine scotch as does Oban, Macallan and Talisker.  You can't go wrong with any of these.

Quite a while ago we were invited to a Scottish wedding.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and there is nothing quite like the sound of bagpipes playing to capture a moment.  I didn’t know the couple too well, but I was looking forward to it assuming there would be some great scotch being served.  Much to my dismay they were only serving Cutty F*cking Shark!?!?!  So after about 5 Cutty F*cking Sharks I went up to the Father of the Bride and made a complete ass of myself and complained about the whiskey.  I asked him what self respecting Scotsman would serve Cutty F*cking Shark at their wedding and what a complete embarrassment it was.  Shockingly, we are no longer friends with the couple. But it had to be addressed, right?
I would like to think we all won here.

Today’s footnote:  A little known fact, I was named after the finest Scotsman of all time “Sir Sean Connery.”
His 10 best movies:
1.        Highlander
2.       The Untouchables
3.       The Hunt for Red October
4.       Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
5.       The Man Who Would Be King
6.       Goldfinger
7.       Finding Forrester
8.       Entrapment
9.       Dr. No
10.   From Russia With Love
And the worst
1.        League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (unwatcheable)
2.       The Rock (Nic Cage is the worst)
3.       Highlander 2 (Should have left a good thing along, the only thing it was missing was Nic Cage)
And he spawned some of my favorite SNL skits of all time:

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  1. scotch scotch scotch, scotch in my belly!

    Damn you I want the blue!