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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fox Bros Burger is the March Madness Champion: Best Sandwich in Atlanta!

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 or parents that think every one should get a trophy for just "showing up."

The Dry Rub has determined The Fox Bros Burger as the "Best Sandwich in Atlanta!"  This after many hours and tireless field work by The Dry Rub crew.  A deep congratulations to the folks at Fox Bros and also congratulations to The Highland Taps French Dip for making it to the finals.  (updated brackets are at the bottom of the article).

First, a few notes about The Highland Tap.  I was there Tuesday and I have to tell you, if there was an award for "Best Ambiance" they would win.  They have suggested we do a Best Burger contest, which I think will happen this year.  Just don't tell my doctor.  Their Steak Burger is without question one of the best (if not the best) in the city.

But you cannot duplicate the dungeon like feel of their timeless bar.  It's the kind of feel that would accommodate any patron.  And of course Donna is one of the best bartenders in town and they provide not just impeccable service, but add a great personal touch as well.  It's the kind of place Jay-Z, Newt Gingrich and Justin Timberlake could all fit into.  Personally, I think I could see the Magnum PI cast  a tree in the forest here.
The greatest mustache of all time?  I believe Magnum PI is one of the great underrated shows of the 80's.  At the very least, Magnum had the best job ever.  Free Room and Board at a Hawaiin estate and his was given free use of a Ferrari 308 GTS?  Where do I apply?
My man Josh just got to hang with Rick and TC!  I'm not a big celebrity guy, but this is pretty cool considering they just refurbished the Island Hopper Chopper!

Josh is the real life TC (except smaller and white) and a great helicopter pilot in Hawaii.  If you want an adventure while in Hawaii check out his company:

But back to the Champions. Queue up the music!

I love that Freddy Mercury has a Heineken and multiple drinks on the piano and can still belt out one hell of a song.  He is unquestionably one of the greatest lead singers of all time.  Excluding the short shorts.
I previously described the sandwich as such:

Fox Bros "take" on a burger is the sum of it's parts. By itself, I would thoroughly enjoy the Brisket, the Bacon (best bacon I've had) and the Pimento Cheese are all delicious. Add the Jalapeno Mayo and the Buttered Sesame Bun and it's sandwich magic. I remember the first time I saw this on the menu, thinking, "Do these things go together?" and BAM, without a question they do. I can only imagine that it was just like when the creators of the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich put them together. Or when Simon and Garfunkel first met and harmonized.

Not only were they a great duo, Art Garfunkel may have had the greatest "Jew Fro" of all time. If not, he is the godfather of Jew Fro's.

The other great benefit of Fox Bros are their great sides. I suggest going all in and getting the Frito Pie. Trust me on this one. If you like Frito's and you like Cheese and Chili (if you don't I don't know who you are), you will fall in love with this original number.
Word on the street is the Fox Bros is SO ecstatic that they won the tournament that they tore the restaurant down! Oh wait, they are just remodeling....
Congrats again to the Fox Bros Burger!  We at The Dry Rub put a lot of work into this and couldn't feel better about the results.  If you haven't had it, get in the car IMMEDIATELY and go have one!

As Ric Flair, the16 Time World Heavyeight Champion and the Greatest Champion of All Time would say:
"To be the best, you have to beat the best!"  "Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going. Wooooo!"

A few Flair videos for your enjoyment.

Today's Footnote:
I wanted to recognize my friend Dan who put together a lot of the technical aspects of the tournament.  Dan really was squarely in the corner of the French Dip and Original Cuban, the weeks they went out as well.  Thanks for your help Dan.
AND it's Final Four Weekend in Atlanta! Which means 30-40 year old white guys walking around in basketball jerseys.  Come'on fellas, it's time to take a hard look in the mirror.
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