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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Antico Pizza- The Best Pizza in Atlanta PERIOD

Warning:  The following may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 or people that frequent Pizza Hut

Antico is such a layup as the best pizza in Atlanta, I almost feel guilty writing this, almost.  They have the highest Zagat rating for any Pizzeria in the ENTIRE Country.
So why write blog?  Because if you haven't been there go!  If you don't go after reading this I truly feel that there could be something innately wrong with you.
These guys make their dough by hand with the finest sea salts and fresh water.  They use San Marzo DOP Tomatoes that are hand crushed.  Also used are fresh Mozzarella di Bufala from Campania (that's in Italy, not near Conyers for the geographically challenged) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  They stay TRUE to the Neapolitan style.

Hell they shipped 3 10,000 lb Hand Made Grande Forni Ovens from Naples!
I think it's time for The Dry Rub to do some field research in Naples.

The 900 degree oven heat is contained by ancient Santa Maria brick and Volcanic Rock from Mt. Vesuivius is underlaid beneath the cooking chamber.  Get me a goat hauling a wagon of rocks and I'd feel like I was in the Godfather!
I've lived in the ATL for almost sixteen years, pretty much since poor Richard Jewel (RIP) was falsely accused of the Olympic Park bombing.
Does this guy look like the Mastermind behind one of the most egregious domestic acts of terrorism?  Hell no, he looks like a guy that lived in his mothers basement playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I bet he could take down a pizza pretty quick too.

In those sixteen years, the best pizza I've probably had prior to Antico is Fritti.  And Fritti is pretty damn good, though the quality has declined the last few times I've been there.  Mellow Mushroom and Johnny's are passable.  Blue Moon has the carmalized onions that are a great touch that nobody else here does.  But nothing tops Antico.

Antico's crust is delicious and thin and the toppings are just about perfect.  There is not a bad pizza on their entire menu.  The Diavola is the only one I'll warn you about.  It's spicy as all hell, but delicious.  Admittedly, I'm sweating profusely by the end of the finishing the Diavola.  Even if you don't like anchovies, their Marinara pizza is also very tasty.

So if you live in Atlanta, or are just visiting, put Antico on your "to do" list.

But there are some negatives that may turn people off as well.  First, it's almost always packed and there can be very long lines.  Second, the parking can really be difficult, Thu-Sat, they have cops outside helping though.  And then for the more difficult of the human species, seating can be tough to get and sometimes you have to share (god forbid you have to meet somebody new) a table!  Mother of Ramses!  If you can get past those things, you will enjoy one of the best pizzas that you will ever have. Oh yea, the service isn't always the "friendliest" either.
But if you have the best product, you can get away with certain things.  For example, Lambeau Field is about the most inconvenient place to see football, but it's an unbelievable experience.  Cameron Indoor is about the size of a high school gym and until not too long ago didn't have air conditioning, but you couldn't find a better atmosphere for college hoops.  I'm sure Gisele Bundchen is a complete bitch, but she's Gisele, so who gives a damn.
Also, the crust is very thin, but don't let that deter you.  Personally, I'm a Chicago Style Pizza guy all the way.  I am partial to Lou Malnati's and Gino's East.  I'll be there this fall and can't wait to dive into one of these places.
If you find yourself in the "Windy City," get a slice of their pie.
That's right, the sauce is on the top of the pie.  Take your preconceptions about pizza and thrown them out the window when you go to Chicago.

Today's Footnote:
Stay tuned for the Champion of the March Madness Sandwich Tournament.  It's undeniably been the most fun I've had writing this blog.  I've had all sorts of feedback that has made writing this blog extremely fun.

Also, I welcome guest bloggers.  I should have my first coming in the next few weeks.  This will be a very different perspective from mine.  She's and OTP'er, whom feel way under represented in my blog, though I would argue Muss and Turners and Canton Cooks are OTP, though only by a couple of blocks each.

For those non Atlantan's OTP stands for "Outside the Perimeter" which is the highway that surrounds the city.

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  1. I failed to mention Tartufo pizza in Buckhead. They make really good pizza too.