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Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Madness Sandwich Selection Week

Warning:  The following may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 or people who think College Football shouldn't have a playoff.

The greatest event in all of sports isn't the Superbowl, it is March Madness.  You throw the best 64 teams into a playoff and the winner takes all.  Only if College Football could follow suit.

So here's what we are doing at The Dry Rub, we are forming a committee and coming up with the BEST 16 SANDWICHES in ATLANTA (burgers are exempt) and we will have a round of witty "games" every week until there is one sandwich standing!
You will see our working list below the division breakout.  HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN:  Please let us know what your favorite sandwich is and why and we'll put it up for debate in the committee.

There will be four divisions:

1.  Willy Cellucci Division (in memoriam):  For the more upscale sandwiches

2.  Fabiano's Division:  For the traditional sandwich.  Fabiano's was the best deli in Atlanta and their #1 Sandwich would have walked through this field like UNLV in 1990.  It was the best Italian Sub in Atlanta and it wasn't even close.

3.  Anna Kournikova Division:  For the Non American Sandwiches.  Nobody defined the early stages of the internet  more than Anna K (Sorry Al Gore).  And nobody is redefining Atlanta food like "The Dry Rub" (according to us of course).  The irony of course is she probably hasn't had a good sandwich in over 10 years.  But who cares.

4.  The Carnegie Deli Division:  For the rest of the sandwiches.  If the Chef's Jeffs Favorite: Pastrami on a Knish sandwich was here in Atlanta, it would have dominated like Patrick Ewing in 1984.  And of course both the Katz Deli and the Carnegie Deli are the bench marks for sandwiches in this great country.

Here are the Sandwiches currently up for consideration in the field (in no particular order):  
Lobster Roll @ Big Ketch, French Dip @ Highland Tap, Lamb Gyro @ Cafe Agora, The Heart Attack @ Jacks NY Deli, Pastrami on Rye @ Goldbergs, The Fox Bros Burger @ Fox Bros, The Cuban @ Havana Sandwich, Cheesesteak @ Woodies, Times Square Tenderloin @ Jacks NY Deli, Rueben Cubano @ La Fonda, Fried Chicken in Wing Sauce @ The Rusty Nail, Mama's Zaza's Favorite @ Marcello's, Bacon Egg and Cheese @ Waffle House, Pork Taco @ Hankook, Oyster PoBoy @ Fontaines, Original Cuban @ The Crazy Cuban, Archie Bunker @ DBA BBQ, Half Pork/ Half Sausage @ Community Q, The Gobbler @ Muss and Turners

Please let us know your thoughts! Do you have an addition? Do you have problem with any of the above? Feel free to comment here, Facebook, Twitter, email, or text/ call with thoughts. We are looking to have some fun with this!

Also, was 1982 the greatest Final Four of All Time? Patrick Ewing, James Worthy, Sleepy Floyd, Sam Perkins, Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon and some guy named Michael Jordan. The shame is that this would never happen today. The "one and done" has watered down college basketball. Punctuated by last years Kentucky team.

Today's Footnote: Atlanta just lost an Culinary Institution in Willy Cellucci. My 10th anniversary is coming up and my wife and I are going to Napa. Willy was a passionate NorCal native and did the wine purchasing for all of The Palms. When I told him last year we were going to Napa, Willy was so excited to help plan my trip. I'm really going to miss having that conversation.

I'm going to miss him bitching about his Raiders, the complimentary Pinkie shots he would always send us and overall I will just miss his unrelenting hospitality.

Over the years, Willy let me use his bar as an office away from my office. I've interviewed candidates there, I've been interviewed there and have had many a great business lunch there. Willy always made sure to make me seem like a big deal to help me professionally along the way. I never took it for granted.

One night he graciously also allowed me sneak some friends into Phil Mickelson's Breast Cancer Fundraiser, then order top shelf liquor on the house when it was just an open beer and wine bar. Willy always made you feel like a great friend.

The Palm will note be the same without his gruff voice and generosity.

Condolences and prayers to the Cellucci family. He will be missed.


  1. If you are counting Gyros, then there is no other in Atlanta than Nick's Food to Go on MLK. After they slice the lamb, they grilled it on both sides which gives it a flavor and crisp that is great. The cucumber sauce and the addition of bell peppers gives you one of the best. The best international sandwich is the BBQ pork Bahn Mi at Quoc Huong on Buford Highway. The combination of the pork with the vegetables has you ordering more than one. Michael Murray

  2. One more to think about. Representing the westside. Bocado's roasted poblano pepper, pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomato sandwich. All pressed together in a yummy spicy sauce. Too many flavors to account for. Great lunch time grab on the west side. (garlic fries on the side!) Michael

  3. Just had the Bahn Mi at Lee's Bakery, delicious. Let's go to Bocado to try that other one soon Michael