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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Great 8 Sandwiches

Warning:  The following may be unacceptable to children under the age of 13 and people that asked me to include the "McRib" into the field

The Dry Rub is down to the Best Eight Sandwiches in Atlanta!
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In the Cellucci Division, the matchups were pretty one sided.

The Lobster Roll at the Big Ketch continues on.  And I have to tell you, I had the Lobster Roll at The Optimist yesterday and without question, the Big Ketch's is better.  But The Optimist had a sneaky great appetizer (more on that later).  And the Blackened Grouper, a longtime Atlanta staple moved on as well.

In the Fabiano's Divsion, there was still no upsets.

Fox Bros Burger (it's not a true burger) is heaven between buns.  It's chopped brisket with carmelized bacon and melted pimento cheese on a buttered sesame bun.  Muss & Turners "Insult to Philly" is house-roasted Angus beef, sweet onions, red peppers, mushrooms, swiss chees, rosemary balsamic au jus on a hoagie.  This is going to be a tough matchup.

The Kournakova Divsion had the toughest battle's.

The Ban Mi from Lee's Bakery narrowly edged Hankooks sliders.  The sliders are delicious but their pork lends itself better to their taco's, which ultimately was the deciding factor.

In the Battle of the Cuban's, the Havana won.  It's just better and it's really all they do, they make sandwiches period.
"Say Hello to My Original Cuban!"

The Carnegie Deli Division was pretty one sided as well.  The Highland Tap French Dip is unrivaled and Jack's NY Deli Heart Attack is the best breakfast sandwich in Atlanta.  Period.  Taylor Ham is about as rare Pepsi being served in Atlanta.

Today's Footnote:

I went to The Optimist for lunch yesterday and had an appetizer that was "sneaky good."  Their Hush Puppies were absolutely delicious.  They are corn milk hushpuppies “beignet style” and the MAGIC ingredient is cane sugar butter.  I was shocked by how good these things were!

Aesthetically, the Optimist is an A+.  I hope to make it back for a full write up.  The new Rathbun's KR Bar and Rathbuns Steakhouses are next in line for "The Rub."

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