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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sandwich Madness Field is Set!

Warning:  The following may be innapproriate for children under the age of 13 and people that think Bin Mah is an Asian Dictator.

After hours of deliberations and vigorous debate, a Pope has been named, er, I meant the sandwich brackets are set!  And we didn't signal is with the white smoke from either.

We decided that the Taco and the Gyro had no place in the discussion and will join the hamburger on the sidelines.  Also, there were quite a few great Cuban Sandwiches nominated, so two were chosen and are facing off in the 1st Round in the Kournikova International Division.  Muss and Turners has a few unbelievable sandwiches, so two were chosen and they are facing off in the 1st round as well.

Jack's NY Deli's "Times Square Tenderloin" was the last "bubble" sandwich that didn't make that cut. It's too similar to Woody's Cheesesteak (and may be better) and M&T's Insult to Philly.  But you have to take into the account the legend of Woody's and the longevity they have earned in Midtown.

So the Pork Taco at Hankook didn't make it, but through a loophole we got in their sliders (though the Taco is better).  That pork is so good I'm not sure it's "street legal."

One thing I forgot to mention in the rules was that no chains are allowed.

Here are the brackets!  Enjoy and click to enlarge:

Please take a minute and let me know your unfiltered thoughts!

This weeks footnotes:

I had dinner at the Lobster Bar this week.  It's without question Blog Worthy, but I promised not to do anything too obvious.  But you cannot go wrong here.  I've been many times and have never had anything less than a wonderful meal.  Full disclosure, lobster is my favorite food.  And the Shellfish Tower is the greatest invention since the combustible engine.

The Buckhead Life Group does everything well from not just the food, but their service and ambiance are always an A+.  One day I probably will do an entry on what I think is their best overall restaurant Kyma.  If you have a special occasion, you can go wrong with any Buckhead Life Group Restaurant.  The previous paragraph was not endorsed.

This weeks other footnote:

Anchorman 2 has been filming all around Midtown and West Midtown.  This week they have turned the Olympic Flame into Whammy Chicken!  Can't wait to see the movie.

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