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Friday, March 29, 2013

Championship Match- Atlanta's Best Sandwich

Warning:  The following may not be suitable for children under 13 and people that think the French Dip was originated in the South of France

We are down to the two best sandwiches in Atlanta!  We are truly doing gods work here at The Dry Rub.  It is Easter Weekend after all!  And of course Passover to my Jewish brethren.
I am happy to announce the committee has met and deliberated for hours upon hours.  And the Best Two Sandwiches in Atlanta are..........Fox Bros Burger and The French Dip at the Highland Tap!
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First I will tell you it was a difficult decision.  I am a little concerned about what may happen to me after leaving the Original Cuban from the Havana in the Final Four.  Let's hope my Cuban experience ends a little better than Fredo's.
"I know is was you Fredo, you broke my heart."  Let's just say I won't be going fishing anytime soon.  Also, has Al Pacino become to the Dry Rub what Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd have become to Judd Apatow?

The toughest decision was the Lobster Roll at The Big Ketch.  I LOVE this sandwich.  You combine this sandwich with their hush puppies and you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven.  I couldn't recommend the sandwich anymore than I already have.

Yesterday we went to the Highland Tap and everytime I walk into here, I feel like I'm going into a true Man Cave.  It's where the men are men and the women berate them for it.
They let us behind the infamous bar, but don't let anybody know.  I f*cking love this place.  It's a great lunch spot, dinner spot and even a better bar scene at night.  Hell, I was next to someone that OD'd here and they knew exactly what to do.  True story, long time ago though.

My friend Jason asked me how long I've been coming here and I was surprised to say 16 years.  And you know what's changed?  NOTHING.  That's what I love.  Hell they were even playing Kansas, REO Speedwagon and Styx.  And they meant it dammit.
This is what a 70's AOR band should look like.  And sound of course look like

If you have NEVER been here, you must make it a point and stop by.  The Highland Tap is a true Atlanta Institution. Also, the service is always top notch.  Donna did a wonderful job behind the bar.  I'll see you Tuesday for 1/2 Steakburgers!  Also, get your sandwich with 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings, you won't be disappointed.
Jason and I, I included this because he looks like he was doing bong hits in the bathroom.  NOT TRUE.

And of course that leaves the Fox Bros Burger.  Fox Bros is actually going under a renovation now, but are STILL OPEN with limited seating and of course a full to go menu.
We were there last week prior to the renovations and it was a little sad knowing that it's all going to change.  But I'm sure it's for the better.
Can I make one small request?  Can we have more than one toilet for the men? Isn't one of the greatest things about being a man is that we don't have to wait in line to go to the bathroom?  I don't ask for much in this world, but let's start there.

I'm still a little surprised how much I like this sandwich.  When it comes to BBQ, I'm a pork guy all they way.  But this is some DAMN good brisket they put in this thing.  It is well deserving of it's shot for the title.
So we at "The Dry Rub" are rolling up our sleeves and are going to go into some serious deliberations to come up with Atlanta's Best Sandwich.  I will tell you that all the participants are incredible in their own right.  And I will enjoy everyone of those again in time.  But first things first.


  1. So how do I vote, I came late into these brackets.

    1. @GadgetGeek we have a panel discussing (and arguing) the brackets. Any reader input is taken into consideration as well, so post any thoughts here. Thanks for reading!