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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Red Eyed Mule, Marietta: Atlanta's Best Burger?

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who refuse to dine OTP

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It only took me a year, but I finally made it to the Red Eyed Mule for their famed Jakes Sloppy Slaw Burger.  This of course was made famous by the Food Networks Alton Brown in "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."  

This week was a historical week in Atlanta.  We were brought to our knee's by what is now being called "Snowpocalypse."  Atlanta hasn't been this hurt since someone by the name of Sherman came through the town in 1865.  It was as if the "Walking Dead" came to fruition.

Jon Stewart did a great bit on it:

So five days after the event and my wife having the flu all week, I wanted to "get away."  I know Marietta isn't exactly a road trip, buy in my myopic view of Atlanta, it kind of is.  So I packed up my daughter and away we went!

Back to the Jakes Sloppy Slaw Burger.  It had two things I don't like on burgers, coleslaw and Texas Toast.  Oh, and it was messy, really messy.  But guess what, I LOVED IT.  The burger falls apart because it's ridiculously juicy and the meat almost melts in your mouth.  Kind of like (yep I'm going to say it) Holeman & Finch.  And the Sloppy Jimmy Sauce gives it a tiny kick and incredible flavor.  It's the best sauce I've ever had on ground beef.

Sloppy Heaven.
I would also recommend the onion rings as well.

Aesthetically it has the feel of an old burger joint, but it's only been around since 2010.

The inside has minimal seating and a bar overlooking the kitchen.

And the service was great. Meaning it was both attentive and personal.  You can tell they take pride in what they do, which is 50% of the battle.

Even though they are going for the "old school" look, you have to appreciate their "twists" on traditional American.  They are definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I will definitely be back sooner than later.  And I will check out their breakfast as well.  Their smoked sausage and cheese biscuit like it could clog my arteries faster than 2 inches of snow on the 75/ 285 interchange!  Too soon?

The Dry Rub will leave you with this thought.  If we did the burger tournament again, this burger may have changed the outcome.  I think that says it all.  But don't worry, the price is right.  For what you get, it's an incredible deal.

Today's Footnote:  This one is easy.  Take the Seahawks +3.  You're welcome.

Footnote #2:  If you were in Atlanta in 1996 this is a must see ESPN 30 for 30.  You can view it here:

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  1. You've got to try the chicken salad on the menu and the sloppy rooster chicken sandwich they have on special on occasion. Awesome place and Sabra is so adorable, plus beautiful!
    Great review and post!

    Betsy Gordon