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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tacos La Villa in Smyrna, GA

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who think "On the Border" is authentic.

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As we embark upon our research find Atlanta's Best Taco and build our brackets, I started reading about Tacos La Villa and just how authentic it was.  So today we went by to check it out.

First, know their tacos are naked and smaller (insert joke here).  You can put the "fixin's" on yourself.  And I had no idea what most of the accouterments were.  I consider that a great thing.

Mystery Sauces beat Mystery Meats any day of the week
So I ordered five tacos.  Here they are in their pure simplicity:
Five Taco's came to $5.50, that is not a typo
I had read that their best taco was the Chorizo (center).  That was my 2nd favorite, but still great.  The Al Pastor (top left), was by far my favorite.  The Al Pastor is heavily marinated pork.  It was greasy magic on a tortilla.

Then there was the decor and clientele.  When I say "all walks of life," I'm not talking about the County Fair "all walks of life" crowd.

Tacos La Villa attracts, white collar and blue collar alike.  Lawyers and doctors sitting next to painters and plumbers.  For the love of god Cats and Dogs were playing in the streets! It is truly a melting pot.

It is in what was a former Quizno's.  How do I know?  They still have Quizno's signage!  Seriously.  Then they have this bizarre Elvis display.  Mexicano's love the King?  Who knew?

I'm not shitting you, this was on the wall
So "Don't be Cruel" to yourself and make a trip to Tacos La Villa!  I would give you a link, but shockingly they do not have a website.

And thank you to everyone giving us taco suggestions.  Keep'em coming.  I'm fairly busy right now, so the tournament may be slightly delayed............but the research continues!

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