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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Do White People Wait in Insane Lines for Brunch?

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and White People

Is there anything whiter than the cupcake?
This morning I drove by West Egg and The Flying Biscuit and the lines were both at least an hour long. And THEY WERE ALL Caucasian, with maybe a sprinkling of Asian.

The obvious question is, what am I missing?  I like the West Egg and Flying Biscuit, and I bet Murphy's,  J Christophers and Babettes all had similar scenes.  The food is good, but it's not like it's THAT incredible.

I wouldn't wait in line that long for Bacchanalia at half price!  The only similar phenomenon is Holeman and Finch and their once great burger (it's lost both it's luster and quality).  And come to think of it, there are only white people at Holeman and Finch too!?!?!

After passing both of those absurd lines, I went to the Krog Street Market and had some delicious Gu's Dumplings in front of me in less than 15 minutes!  A much superior product for a marginally less wait.

I mean what in the name of Huey Lewis, Wes Anderson, Toyota Prius and Microbrews does this mean?
"Do you believe in love?"
Even the worst restaurant in the world, The Cheesecake Factory, get's an insane wait for brunch!

Also, why do White People pick strawberries?  Just buy them at the frickin' store.

This isn't digging for the Lost Ark people!
I just don't get it.  Maybe someone could explain all of this to me.

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  1. As a white girl that grew up picking strawberries (and loving it!), I feel the need to defend the activity. So, the first time that I picked strawberries I was on a family vacation in Germany. We were in a little city near the black forest and the strawberry farm was in a little valley at the base of these gorgeous snow-covered mountains. I was little, so, I'm not totally positive. But, I believe each person paid something like $20 and you could eat and pick berries for as long as you wanted. It was a perfectly gorgeous day. And, these were some of the most delicious berries I'd ever eaten in my life. To this day, I remember how perfect and rich tasting the berries were.

    Sometimes, it's fun to relive that day. Still, the berries will never as sweet or perfect as the berries that live in my memory of that day. It's still a fun way to kill an hour or two, though! I guess I live in hope that some day, I'll find those perfect berries again...