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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Atlanta's Best Hamburger: Round 1, Day 1

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and people who may confuse the King + Duke and Muss and Turner for bad cop movies

Day one of the first round is over and we have four winners.  Here is the previous article if you missed it:

The Sinatra Division:

Holeman & Finch is probably the "no shit" winner of the day.  I used to work in the One Buckhead Plaza building and the Wisconsin Cheddar  Burger with apple smoked bacon at Chops probably got me through more hangovers than any other burger on this list.  For that I am grateful, but the luck of the draw is their undoing.  Out of all the eliminated burgers this week, Chops would be my favorite.

As for H & F, Jon Gershon said it best, "you know who is winning the tournament, don't you?"  It's going to be a long process, so we shall see.

King + Duke are the newcomers to town, but their dry aged burger "The Duke" is a highlight of their menu.  Take their advice and add the cheese as well.  You're welcome.
If the burger is the essential American food, The Duke was the essential American actor
But as far as manly dishes go, the King and Dukes "The King" Bone in Ribeye and bone marrow has to take the cake.
The King is the Ultimate Man's Dish and  PETA's worst nightmare

7 Lamps is a really good addition, but their time is not here yet.

The Clark W. Griswold Division:

Muss and Turners burger is a Big Green Egg grilled grass-fed beef with roasted poblano pepper, melted cheddar cheese, red onion, house-made cilantro aioli on a French bun.  In my mind, this is what the perfect burger looks like and it took down Ann's Snack Bar's "The Ghetto Burger."  Just don't tell Anne please, since I really do value my life.  The Ghetto Burger is delicious and HUGE, but couldn't hang with Muss and Turner.  Even though, their chili is a great compliment to the Ghetto Burger.

It will be hard to dethrone this M&T burger!

The Highland Tap may be the sentimental favorite of the tournament.  Joe Carroll has already deemed it the winner.  They use Brasstown Beef and it's probably my #2 most used hangover remedy.  The Moxie Burger was delicious, and thank you Carl for introducing me to it, but it was going up against an Atlanta institution.

The Best OTP Burger, The Moxie Burger
Today's Footnote:
The Writers Guild of America came out with the best 50 written TV shows of all time and it's a great list.  "The Soprano's" were #1 and it's hard to argue with any TV show that brought "Big Pussy" into the mainstream vernacular.
As you probably know, I think this should go to David Simon and "The Wire."  Hands down the closest that a television show comes to weaving a literary narrative on the small screen.  Though #9 is respectable.  And who am I to criticize another's list?

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