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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Silver Skillet: Midtown Atlanta's Breakfast Tradition

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those looking for the new "hip" breakfast spot

The Silver Skillet is basically the Springsteen of breakfast joints.  It's been around since 1956 (Springsteen picked up his first guitar in 1962) and today The Silver Skillet has lines out the door with their great and unchanged menu on the weekends while "The Boss" is still selling out his three hour shows.  I have a hard time imagining a world without either.

When you arrive at the Silver Skillet, there will almost certainly be await and there is no hostess or number taking.  The line to get a table is 100% dependant on the honor system.

If you come on the weekend, bring your appetite, but more importantly bring your patience
Historically, there may not be a more important culinary landmark in Atlanta.  It's been in many TV Shows, featured on Diners Drive-in and Dives, Music Video's, National News Programs and many movies.  The two most well known is "Remember the Titans," and the soon to be released "Anchorman 2."

Even the walls ooze with history
The staff are all "veterans."  They all do an incredible job at making you feel like a regular even if it is your first time.  The kitchen is efficient and you are never waiting on your food.

The patrons are a true collage of soceity.  There are nearby Georgia Tech Students, tourists or locals such as myself and my daughter.
My Belle loves her biscuits and bacon
The music playing is all 60's and 70's R&B like the 8 track they put in in 1974 is stuck in the player and they couldn't get it out. Which is more than fine.  I'll take my Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye with my coffee.
"Hey man, is that Freedom Rock Man?"
The menu is what we would be best described as "greasy spoon" food.  Their four featured dishes all come with eggs, grits and your choice of biscuits or toast.  You can't come here and get the toast. Jump in and get their biscuits.  The "Southern Breakfast" features battered and fried pork chops with a thick white gravy.  Their signature dish is their "Skillet Country Ham" with true southern "red eye gravy," it's both delicious but prepare to be thirsty for the next few hours.  The other two are the Corned Beef Hash and Hamburger Steak.  I would stick with the first two for the best experience.

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy
And they supposedly also offer omelets and a lunch menu, but I've never gotten below the first fold.  To me, that would be like ordering Tequila at Fado, or even worse, something other than a burger at the Vortex.  When in Rome, correct?
They are serving their 4th generation today.
Atlanta does breakfast right.  The West Egg, Java Jive, Ria's Bluebird, Dakota Blue, Murphy's and the Highland Bakery are all delicious and they are GREAT places for breakfast.  But if you want a true slice of Atlanta prior to 12 noon, go to the Silver Skillet.  It may not be the hippest, healthiest or newest offering, but it is Atlanta's most authentic offering.

Today's Footnote:
If you like R&B, you have to tune into Paladia's "Daryl's House."  It's filmed at Daryl Hall's farm house in Connecticut and he brings in well known musicians to jam.  It has a very intimate feel to it and some of the conversations over lunch and between songs bring a great amount of levity to the show.

Here he is with Smokey Robinson performing "Tears of a Clown"
With Cee Lo performing "I Can't Go for That"
With Smokey again performing "Sarah Smile"


  1. Footnote to the Footnote...

    The episodes with Shelby Lynne and Joe Walsh are awesome!

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