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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hammocks Trading Company Sandy Springs, GA

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who heed the warning:  Consumption of Raw Seafood is Done at Your Own Risk

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This week we are attempting to do a lunch series.  We are starting out at Hammocks Trading Company in Sandy Springs, GA.  I joined my friend Matt C and his lovely family and my friend Trish as well.  And ironically, everyone was from Maryland.  So of course we ended at a seafood joint.

They are straddling the sweet spot for a seafood restaurant after the "Dive Bar" look.  Personally, when I eat seafood it illogically makes sense for me to feel like I'm at a beach bar.  And just like the Steamhouse, Hammocks recreates that vibe.

Let's face it, every seafood restaurant and bar should strive to create Magnum PI's "King Kamehameha Club."  When I was a child I didn't want to be a Policeman or Fireman, I wanted to be Magnum PI.

Let's drink and drive then hop in our Ferrari's and Helicopters.  It's the 80's so it's cool!
Did anyone live a better TV life than Magnum PI?  When you consider the Ferrari, free rent at a Hawaiian mansion, chest hair and the mustache, I'm not sure what else in life you need.  The man as the most acceptable mustache outside of porn over the last 30 years.

I get why he turned down Indiana Jones for this.  I would have too.

"Your life sucks, mine is better.  Oh wait, I DID turn down Indiana Jones?  Dammit"
For apps we had pulled pork on short bread.  A little strange for a seafood joint, but it was really good.

We had this tomato thing that Trish loved.  I liked it, but wasn't going nuts over it.

No those aren't my crayons in the background
The benchmark of any good seafood restaurant is oysters.  And on Monday they are 1/2 off.  You are welcome, just please watch out for the 5-0 on Roswell Road.  5-0 are cops for the suburbanites.  They were fresh and delicious.  Raw Oysters are one of my top 10 foods so if you can pull it off, I'm a customer. And there aren't many affordable places to get them in Atlanta.

My go to sandwiches at seafood places are lobster rolls and blackened grouper sandwiches.  They had 1 out of 2.  It was really good.  Cooked just right and the spices gave it a nice kick.  Not as big as the Steamhouse's, but they do better in the spice category.  Oh and the fries come with Old Bay.  Game. Set. Match.

So if you are in Sandy Springs and need a good meal at an independent restaurant that obviously cares and are very conscientious about their product, check out Hammocks.

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