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Friday, August 2, 2013

Figo Pasta- Comfort Italian

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate to children under the age of 13 and those who consider The Olive Garden as "fine dining"

Figo does simple Italian right.  They give you multiple choices of Pasta, both short and long as well as a great array of ravioli's as well.

When we first moved the "Westside" of Atlanta almost 9 years ago, Figo was the pioneer of the recent onslaught of westside restaurants.
Okay, so this wasn't exactly us in 2004, but the Westside has grown!
Figo gives the diner close to 20 sauces to choose from as well.  They have increased their choices in the last few years.  They have also unveiled some appetizers (anti-pasta's) as well.  Those were introduced recently as well.
My wifes favorite, Rigatoni with Amatriciana Sauce
My fear is that they are expanding the menu a little much and could fall victim to "Cheesecake Factoring" their menu by trying to be more than they need to be.

I do like their anti pasta offerings, but have not ventured too far off of their traditional menu.  So admittedly I haven't tried their sandwiches.  The new meatball menu is a nice, natural addition to the menu.
My stand by favorite, Linguine with Funghi
Also, I have always LOVED the majority of their specials. Tonight I had the Salmon Risotto and it was delicious.  My suggestion would be to keep the menu simple and experiment with their specials.
Salmon Risotto
The core of their being is they are comfort neighborhood Italian Food.  You can stop on your way home from work and grab it, bring the whole family in or make it a date night if you don't want to break the bank.  Now by comfort I'm not talking about Anthony Weiner on Social Media comfortable.
If anything, he's consistent.  If he's not Mayor of NYC, we'll deem him the King of Social Media
Figo has moderately increased their footprint around the Metro Atlanta area, and that's a great thing.  If you have one near you congrats, it's about the most solid Italian around that you can feed your family reasonably and know that they care about what they are doing.

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