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Friday, July 26, 2013

Yum Bunz: Dim Sum-ish on Atlanta's Westside

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who think Chinese Food was invented by General Tso
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Being half Cantonese, one of my favorite dining experiences includes Dim Sum as I wrote about earlier this year.  So Yum Bunz was a much anticipated opening.

Last year when I found out Mike Blum and Guy Wong were going to be an opening a modern "Dim Sum" for the Westside, I was ALL IN.  I joined the Facebook site last year in eager anticipation and waited and waited and waited.  But the opening was definitely worth the wait!

Overall Yum Bunz is delicious and different.  They have a unique array of original steamed Bao's.  The yeast dough is fluffy and has a great traditional Cantonese taste without being overly filling.

It's not quite walking down Mott Street and grabbing a street Bao at a Chinese Bakery, but it's the best we are going to do all points south of Washington DC's Chinatown.  If you are looking for a traditional Dim Sum experience, this isn't it. But if you want to ease yourself into the Dim Sum experience, this is a great starting point.
Next time in NYC, do yourself a favor and go have Dim Sum.  If you need help, DM me at the Dry Rub
Their bao's are all less than 180 calories a piece.  But they were so tasty, I may require some type of verification next time.

The Yellow Curry Chicken.  Curry, garlic and cumin?  Yes please.  It's like a delicious Indian dish in Chinese clothing.

The Mongolian BBQ was probably my favorite. Beef with hoisin sauce and chili soybean paste?  Awesome.  But fair warning, it does pack a kick!  In fact today, I doubled up on this one!

Szechuan Chicken.  Spicy with a great taste.  The vinegar and Szechuan wine make this a unique offering.

Char Siu BBQ Pork.  This is the closest to the traditional Bao.  The five spice powder is a great addition.  I would rate this my 2nd overall favorite.

Chicken Teriyaki tasted like, um Chicken Teriyaki.  Which is a good thing!

Even the Veggie Bao tastes great!

Full disclosure, this was my second trip.  The first trip was after a night at Monday Night Brewing, so my taste buds were a bit "compromised."  I loved it, but at that point I felt a return trip was needed.  By the way, check out Monday Night Brewings tasting nights.  It's a great time and a great deal.

Today, Matt G tried the rice bowl that he said was great.  Jeff under ordered and regretted it as soon as he was done.  I ordered the six bun combo and a Mongolian Beef salad. I wouldn't recommend anymore than that.  Also, the price points are very reasonable as well.

My biggest complaint is that the name of the restaurant reminds me of those horrid pseudo 80's Westerns "Young Guns."  Which in turn gets this song stuck in my head.

I am convinced that Global Warming was accelerated by the Hair Band Movement in the 80's.  Which makes it more understandable why Tipper Gore would protest Rock Music outside of Tower Records during the 80's (Do you remember record stores?).  She was obviously helping Al save the environment.  Of course Al just did his environmental duty by recycling Tipper for a younger model.

"I am fighting Heavy Metal for the well being of our children, the environment and of course to pave the way so my husband can soon invent the internet."  
The irony of course being that when Al Gore did invent the internet, the porn industry exploded (pun intended).  Wait, he DIDN'T invent the internet?

Today's Footnote #1 is an age old debate.  Who is the greatest Hair Band of All Time?

The contestants:

Motley Crue:  These guys lived the gimmick more than anyone else.  Nikki Sixx shot f*cking Jack Daniels into his arm!  Point. Set. Match.  I believe these guys somehow still tour and unfortunately make some really bad home movies.

Bon Jovi:  They started out as the joke of hair bands.  But look who is still selling out arena's 30 years later?  He who laughs last, wins.  Though this picture is downright embarrassing

Poison:  Nobody looked the part better than these clowns.  And they penned the consummate hair band song of all time has to be "Every Rose has it's Thorn."  This song may have done as much bad as good for Hair Metal.  The fact that Miley Cyrus covered this songs just solidifies the fact that these guys defined "The Decline of the Western Civilization."  I have no idea what these guys are doing today, nor do I care.

Guns n' Roses:  The Supernova of Hair Metal.  They were by far the most talented and volatile group.  But when they burned brightest, they were by far the best.  I can't believe there are still many people still waiting for them to reunite.  Those people are forgetting one thing, Axl Rose is completely f*cking INSANE.  And there is a 75% chance those people still live in their mothers basement.

The first CD I ever bought was "Appetite for Destruction."  Without question it still holds up today.  I would also argue the great songwriting by G n' R helped expose the genre and paved the way for Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Pearl Jam's "10" and lots of unfortunate flannel.  Plus, leather pants leads to just too much chaffing.

Footnote #2:  Dennis Farina passed this week.  He was in MANY of my favorite movies and TV Shows over the years.  The most criminally underrated being "Crime Story" on NBC.  A story about a Chicago crime boss that is chased down by Farina's flawed law enforcement character.  Then the story moves to Vegas and unfortunately cancelled soon there after.  The writing was very much in the same vein as today's successful shows honoring the "anti-hero."

His arc on "Miami Vice" was also one of my favorite Farina highlights (okay anything from Miami Vice is a highlight in my book).  And of course he was in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Get Shorty."  He recently had a great opportunity to act alongside Dustin Hoffman in "Luck" on HBO, which was a great show until the PETA folks shut it down due to the deaths of some of the horses.  I'm sure some of those people also used glue to attach their petitions as well.  RIP Dennis

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