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Monday, July 8, 2013

Holeman & Finch: Atlanta's Best Burger Champions

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those looking for an upset

The Holeman & Finch Burger has become a national phenomenon and has won The Dry Rubs "Best Burger in Atlanta Contest."  When you come to Atlanta, one of the "to do" musts is their 10p burger. We went last MONDAY and it was packed with both european and asian tourists.

I didn't want this to be the Master of the Obvious tournament, but it's hard to supplant H&F in this town.  There is so much hype about the burger and somehow it always seems to exceed expectations.  It's what I call the "Mardi Gras" rule, you can't explain what Mardi Gras is like, you just have to go.  It's what you thought it was, but 5x better.  The day before Fat Tuesday, I vaguely remember tapping a keg in front of a church talking to a nun who was helping with our crawfish broil.  The H&F Burger is the same principal.  Nothing I have or can say will do it justice.  And don't give me the "I'm having it at Turner Field" deal either.  Go straight to the source.

Here are the arguments I had against them and the subsequent rebuttals:

1.  It's getting overhyped/ Nope, it's really that good
2.  They have "sold out" and are now at Turner Field/  As an Advertising Exec, the second I can sell integrated ad's on my site I am doing it (DM me if you are interested)
3.  The burger isn't truly a burger because it's 50% Brisket/ It's 100% delicious
4.  It's a double patty, so all burgers are cooked the same and not to order/ This is my only legitimate gripe, but it's always been cooked just right
5.  The 10p wait is now a gimmick/ It's part of the lore, but prepare for a healthy bar bill (if that's your thing)
Since you get there early, the burger looks like this after 3 or 6 scotches
Here's the professional view
The tie breaker?  I went to ask the guys at Fox Bros, whom won our best sandwich tournament, and they weighed in with H&F.  The scales were officially tipped.

So hands down we have a true Champion.  If you haven't been to H&F, go at 8p, reserve your burger and enjoy the wait.

The other thing that made this tough was their opponent, Miller Union's "daily grind" Burger.  I've described it in previous rounds and it's delicious. Brian McIntosh says, "It's like eating a juicy steak without needing utensils and condiments.  You barely have to chew it."

So by default, I guess it is the BEST "traditional" burger in Atlanta.  So go try it and order it medium rare.  The meat is that good.

Here are the FINAL brackets:

Todays Footnote:
Who are the "Greatest All Time Champions?"  In terms of my generation.
For guys my age this guys is the period and end of the argument:

Also, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and Pete Sampras come to mind but I always go back to "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.  The 16 Time World Champion wore the championship like a fifth limb.
"Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line."

The Dry Rub will be taking a brief hiatus, but it is for a good reason.  We'll be in Napa (and the worlds #1 Restaurant "French Laundry"), but will return with one or two Napa entries followed by Inman Parks new offering BoccaLupo.

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