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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best of The Dry Rub at Year One

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who think the Cheesecake Factory is "fine dining"

The Dry Rub turns one on July 10th.  What does that mean?  Do we still soil ourselves and drink baby formula?  Hopefully we have gotten better in our focus and writing.

And we are celebrating on the 12th at what has been voted the Best Restaurant in the World.  French Laundry in Yountville, CA!  Can't wait.

Here are some highlights from the past year.

Favorite Overall Meal:  Gunshow- I can't wait to get back here.  This was my favorite meal of the year not only because of the food, but the experience as well.  Everything Kevin Gillespie did was original and delicious.  If you haven't been yet, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

The staff loves plaid, so much so it feels like a Pearl Jam show via 1993

Favorite Appetizer:  Cardamom Hill's "Egg Appam."  Egg Appam is rice coconut crepe with a poached egg in the center with black pepper.  There is an "option" to add chili grilled shrimp.  IT IS NOT AN OPTION, GET THE DAMN SHRIMP.
Egg Appam is Indian for "order the damn dish"
Runner up?  Fox Bros Wings:  the best smoked wings I've ever had.
Great smoky flavor
Best Steak:  Rathbun Steak's NY Strip with the Black Truffle Butter
The word "handsome" comes to mind
Best Soup:  King + Duke's French Onion Soup made with Fat Tire Ale
Beer and Onion Soup with Melted Cheese and Bone Marrow?  Can I wear a loin cloth to dinner?

Best Dessert:  Gunshow's Old Fashioned Banana Pudding and it wasn't even close
This Banana Pudding was ridiculous
Scariest Moments:  Going to get the Ghetto Burger (no explanation needed) and the power going out a Shoya Izakaya (one of the DR4 may have been in the bathroom when this happened)

Favorite Pic:  My daughter at the Silver Skillet
One of the few places she enjoys, the Silver Skillet
Best Aesthetics:  Tie Between King + Duke and Villains.  I love what Villains Wicked Heroes is about.
I could see plotting the end of the world here
Favorite Veggie:  Valenza's Brussel Sprouts.  Their fried capers were delicious.

Best Sport:  Highland Tap.  They got to the Finals in the Best Sandwich Tournament and Final Four of the Best Hamburger tournament without winning.  Yet they keep serving me when I go there.  I love the Highland Tap.

Most Interactive Restaurant:  Fox Bros, hell they even chimed in the the Best Burger Tournament which they didn't even participate in.  Best BBQ in Atlanta and they just remodeled please go there.

Best Hangover Lunch:  Cardamom Hill, Marybeth thought we were at an Irish restaurant while we were there!  Then McIntosh starting wiping off the waiters apron, in the front. This made us all feel a bit awkward.  Oh, and the Fried Chicken was great, but I agree with Leslie, you should stick to the Indian food here.  When in Rome, or Bangladesh or wherever.

Worst Blog:  Festival Season in Atlanta.  WTF was I thinking?

Best Dry Rub Idea:  The Sandwich Tournament.  It's the reason we went viral (with no penicillin required).

Today's Footnote is a look back at why we started The Dry Rub:

It all started with two events.  My friend Asheton had a blog about Ranch Dressing and I did some recon work for her on a business trip to Birmingham and thought, "this could be fun."  I think she has stopped her blog unfortunately.  Then the second event shook my friends and I to the core.  Chopstix in Buckhead closing.  This was my favorite Chinese restaurant and I still don't have a replacement.  And trust me, we've looked.
It's still too soon to talk about this.  It was even hard to get my Iphone 5 next door
And the search for the next Chopstix goes on.  Suggestions welcome.

My favorite part of the blog has been "The Dry Rub 4."  Leslie, Beth, Jeff and I have tried ALOT of restaurants over the last year starting at The Colonnade. The Colonnade had some great fried chicken, but I don't have any plans to go back soon.  At the time I loved, it but it was probably more about the company than the place.
This man is serious about his food and wine.  Not so much about the ladies though.
My favorite Dry Rub 4 moment (that I can write about) was Leslie's birthday dinner at Enat.  Lot's of laughs and some really bad Ethiopian wine.
Possibly a little too much Hookah?
The Dry Rub 4 rides on to Bocca Luppa later this month and I can't wait to see what's in store for us during the next year!

Our first six months we managed 1,000 hits, which I thought was great.  In our second 6 months, we are approaching 10,000 hits.  Incredible.

I have to to thank a couple of folks as well.  Dan Martinez did the Tournament Brackets and has accompanied me on a lot of the "field trips."  Toni Dawkins, who created our logo and was our standout Mentee in our ABAC Mentorship Program this year.  And of course my wife, who has dealt with my nights of writing and of course going out to eat without her!  She is not a foodie, so her patience has been invaluable.  I am lucky to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in Napa next week with her.

Thanks for reading and we'll keep trying to entertain!

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