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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Atlanta's Best Two Burgers: The Championship Match

Warning:  The following may not be appropriate to children under 13 and those who are still pissed Wendy's wasn't involved in the contest

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Nation's Birthday than to talk about great burgers and baseball.

We had great burgers come out of each of our four divisions.  Though many are still upset with me for the Grindhouse upset over the Vortex.  Sorry folks, substance overcomes tradition.

Many people, including Jonathon Papelbon, feel Yasiel Puig should not make the MLB All Star Game because he hasn't played long enough.  But in a 5 week sample he has been, BY FAR, the best player in baseball, with all due respect to Chris Davis and Miggy Cabrera.  God knows MLB needs some good young star power.  And likewise Grindhouse Killer Burgers has made a indelible footprint in a short amount of time.
I never thought I would compare someone to Bo Jackson's talent
But this round goes to Holeman & Finch over Grindhouse.

The H&F burger goes down as smooth as butter with a delicious and unique taste.  The 50/50 split of brisket and chuck with infused fat on a double patty is magic.  And the buttery bun is about the best burger bun I've ever had. It's tastes so different it's almost difficult to categorize as a burger.  But they win by 20 lengths.  

But one of the best and worst parts of H&F is the wait.  They have delicious appetizers that keep you busy while you wait.  The Hand Chopped Steak Tartare (add the egg), Shrimp Roll (with bacon), Country Gentlemen (cured ham) and the cheese/ meat platter was to die for. The worst part?  The 10 pm wait of course.  But good company and good food can more than compensate for that.

Grindhouse offers a great product with great variations.  I'm partial to the Yankee and Apache versions.  Plus, the atmosphere caters all from a kid friendly to hipster friendly to yuppie friendly without skipping a beat.  And in the summer the Banana Milkshake is unbelieveable.

The focus is "to scale" after four scotches
The other match was tougher to judge.  The Highland Tap Burger is made with daily ground Brasstown Beef and on Tuesday's it's 1/2 price all day.  Run, do not walk there next Tuesday.  And eat at the bar and tip Donna well.

The Highland Tap Burger with all the "fixin's"
Miller Union's offering "The Daily Grind" is ground daily (hello master of the obvious) with local White Oak Pastures grass fed beef with some infused fat from their other meat offerings.  And unlike H&F, it's a real patty.  I ordered it Medium Rare, which I highly recommend.

Great lunch, pretend like the wine isn't there....
So by just a full length, Miller Union beats out the Tap Burger!  Though in both of our tournaments this year, The Highland Tap has made the final four with both their French Dip and Hamburger.  That's one hell of an accomplishment within itself.  Sorry Joe Carroll.

This sets up a Championship Match that basically comes down to the nationally renown Holeman & Finch double patty vs Atlanta's best "farm to table" offering "the daily grind" from Miller Union.  And as I write this I do realize that Anthony Bourdain spent quality time at both establishments on his Atlanta visit.  The man obviously has taste.

Let the debate begin.

Today's footnote:  
People love lists, I obviously am no different.
A list just came out with the 39 Greatest Maverick Cops of All Time!  If you know me, this is just in my wheelhouse.
Dirty Harry was number one.  No arguing that.  Clint Eastwood at his best, though he still is great was the perfect and groundbreaking cop.
Do you feel lucky?
#2?  My man Jimmy McNulty!  I obviously love The Wire and I am excited that it still gets celebrated though nobody watched it.  Jimmy always wanted to do right and the results usually came out wrong, but everybody still loved him in the end.  Well until he fabricated a serial killer.
"Can I get a Jameson?"
Though I would also argue that Chris Davis and Manny Machado are the best things to come out of Baltimore since The Wire.  Now the O's just need some starting pitching.
Eat your heart out AL East, there are many years left of this
I thought Vic Mackey was a little low at #7, though he may have been a little too "Maverick."

The ultimate Anti-Hero
The list also includes the timeless Popeye Doyle, Marion Cobretti, the pre-anti semite Martin Riggs and Axel Foley.  These guys did their homework.

Look for the winner this weekend before "The Dry Rub" takes it on the road to Napa!

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