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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The General Muir

Warning:  The following may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13 and goyam.

The General Muir is self described as a true NY Jewish Delicatessen in Atlanta and it is as close as you'll get her in the ATL.  And it's properly situated near Emory University.  The General Muir has a good chance to dethrone the other culinary General, our friend General Tso.  Just kidding of course.  There is no Chinese food that is more "un" Chinese than pretender of a dish.  It's an embarrassment to Chinese food.  And probably an embarrassment to the General himself, may he rest in peace.

The General Muir Hamburger was in our Best Hamburger Tournament of Sixteen, but taken out by Miller Union in this Soprano's Tribute.  Their burger is close to Boccado's and Miller Union's offering ended up in the Championship Match, so there is not shame there.

We started out with quite a few appetizers.  The brussel sprouts were good, not as good as Valenza's, but tasty.  The deviled eggs were delicious too.

But the highlight of the app's was the Poutin.  It's a dish with fries, gravy, cheddar cheese curds, pastrami.  It should be renamed, "The Emory Cardiologist Special."

The Poutine- Tastes as good as it looks
The close second was this Pimento Cheese jar, with what else?  Pastrami!  I was very reminiscent the jars at Empire State South.

Pimento Cheese, Bagels and Pastrami.? Pass the yamaka!
Oh the other highlight was this nice bar......
Great bar area.  Melissa was great behind the bar and makes some great recommendations not just for drinks, but food
The Musar Jeune Red 2011 was a wonderful Lebanese wine from the Bekka Valley.  It was a delicious blend that complimented the Jewish fair perfectly.

I was surprised by how much I liked this wine

For my main dish I, of course, had pastrami.  But with a twist.  I had it with chopped liver, russian dressing on double baked rye.

My favorite deli meat is a good pastrami and previously the only good pastrami I could count on in Atlanta was Goldbergs (as I documented in our sandwich tournament), but the General Muirs is better.  And I love the many incarnations of the pastrami sandwich they provide.

Beth, our resident DR4 vegetarian Beth had the stewed lentils.  She couldn't help herself and dove in before we got this picture......

For a vegetarian dish, not bad, if you are into that sort of thing
The Hot Brown was ordered by two of our diners.  It's Challah bread, topped with turkey, pastrami, tomatoes and gravy.  They raved about it.

This dish was both hot and brown
Overall,  we loved the General Muir.  I really want to try their brunch which I hear is delicious.  We had a great meal with great wine and of course with great friends.

The Dry Rub Cinco!
REVISED Footnote (2/15/14):

I finally had the famous Smoked Hash with Pastrami at 8 am today.  Of course the one who said we had to be there at eight cancelled at the last minute, but we made it happen anyways!  And Katie, I couldn't do Chicken Liver at 8 am.  The pastrami and caramelized onions were a perfect compliment with the sunny side up eggs.

As good as it looked
SMOKED HASH crisped pastrami, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, caramelized onions, sunny eggs.

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