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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Atlanta's Best Taco: The Great 8

Warning:  The following may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13 and those who have never seen "Enter the Dragon"

After much deliberation (okay, the 6 day stomach flu and 2 busy trips), we have finally paired down our tacos to the Great Eight.

In the Clint Eastwood Division, Holy Taco's Pork Belly made it through as did Bone Garden Cantina's Barbacoa offering.  Both would do Harry Callahan proud.

Would today's Anti Hero, The Wire's Stringer Bell, James McNulty, or The Shields Vic Mackey be here without Dirty Harry?  Probably, but Clint blazed the trail for these guys.  And if I haven't implored you in the past to watch it, The Shield is the Best TV show ever made.  Take the summer to watch it and thank me later.
This Millenniums Anti Hero
In the Bruce Lee Division, Hankook wins both matches are are GUARANTEED a spot in the Final Four.  It is just a matter of Fish or Pork?  Korean's rejoice!

In the Stallone Division, The Philly at Taqueria Del Sol made it to the next round and will face Verde's Short Rib Taco.  Though if TDS doesn't get their act together and make the Philly their special soon, as in REAL soon, their days may be numbered.  I do love that Buffalo Shrimp Taco at Tin Lizzy's though.

"Yo, Miss Piggy, I like pork, so youz better watch out"
In the Erik Estrada Division, The Tacos La Villa Chorizo and the Mole Pollo at Nuevo Laredo both advance. This is going to be a tough division to make.

Erik wants to take on the Bruce Lee Division
Today's Footnote:  The Champion Taco will face off against Dan Martinez's homemade shrimp taco with a Level D Celebrity Panel.  It could be epic.

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